The Access Wizard

The Access Wizard is a monthly newsletter that contains tips, tricks and traps for Access users, from beginners to developers.

This newsletter has been in publication since 2004. Our philosophy is that knowledge should be distributed as widely as possible. Although subscriptions are not required to receive the Access Wizard donations help to keep the Access Wizard alive.

Year Month Title
2019 January How to Solve Tough Problems - Part 4 Debugging to the Next Degree
2018 October How to Solve Tough Problems - Part 3 Fixing Code Bugs
July How to Solve Tough Problems - Part 2 Wizard Techniques
April How to Solve Tough Problems - Part 1 The Polya Approach
February Mutiple Solution to the search * Character
2017 December How to query on the * Character - Use Literals
October Filtering Forms - Go from Chaotic to Focused
August Calling Code in Another Access Application
June Smart Combo Boxes - Auto Select Last Used
April Conditional Formatting
February Remove Alternate Line Shading
2016 December Export Data To Excel with Dynamic SQL
  October Copying From Access To Excel - Simple and Easy Techniques
  August Event Redirection - Fire an Event in Another Form
  June Event Redirection - Use One Event to Fire Another Event
  April Smart Combo Boxes - Auto Select
  February Store One off Values - The Admin Table
2015 December Data From an Unlinked Table
  October Powerful Date Keyboard Shortcuts
  July Assembling Pieces into a Tool  - Creating a Date and Time & Time Tool
  April Trusted Locations
  February Don't use Queries as the Source for Forms and Reports
  January Get What you Want - The Choose Function
2014 December Customize The Beep Sound
  October Prevent Changes in Queries - The Snapshot Recordset
  September Group Controls
  July Make it Neat - Consistent Sizes and Spaces
  June Easy Wasy to Arrange Controls - Do it as a Group
  April Info on Version and Service Pack for Access 2007/2010
  March Select Case on Steroids
  February The Art of Parsing - Part 2
  January Buffalo to the Power of 7 - The Art of Parsing- Part 1
2013 November Ribbon Commands Unique to You  - Part 2
  October Ribbon Commands Unique to You  - Part 1
  September Menu Customization - Part 1
  July Find the Faster Way
  May Find Info About All Linked Tables
  April Beware the Apostrophe Trap
  March Hidden Jewels - Totals in Queries
  February Reaching Out and Grabbing Data - Attached Tables
  January Compact and Repair
2012 December Plucking Stuff from the Middle - Range Queries
  November Shortcuts - Part 2
  October Parsing to Pull Things Apart - Part 2 A Little Logic Goes a Long Way
  September Parsing to Pull Things Apart
  July Get it Right Once and Only Once - Enums
  May The Need for Speed  - Part 4 Banish Hugh Combo Boxes
  April The Need for Speed  - Part 3 Find and Fix Broken Links
  March The Need for Speed - Part 2 Speed Up Slow Queries
  February The Need for Speed - Part 1 Keep the User in the Loop
  January Access and Excel Together - Part 1
2011 December Reset the AutoNumber Starting Point
  October Avoid Unwanted Spelling Corrections - Control AutoCorrect
  September What to do When Disaster Strikes - Rebuild by Importing
  August Dynamic Menu Labels
July Finding a Needle in a Haystack Part 2 - Use the Search Pane
  June Easing Data Entry - How to Handle Different Input Styles
  May Behind the Switchboard
  April Finding a Needle in a Haystack
  March Create A Favorites Group
  February Treat Controls as a Group
  January Cartesian Queries
2010 November When to Upgrade and When to Wait
  October Ten Questions to Ask before You hire a Database Developer - Part 2
  September Ten Questions to Ask before You hire a Database Developer - Part 1
  July Put a form Where You Want it - The Move Size Command
  June Controlling the Start Up Process
  May Decisions on the Fly - The Immediate If
  April Backing Up a Database: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  March Hidden Info - The Easy Way to the Access Path: SYSCMD
  February What to Do When Things Really Go Wrong: Decompile
  January What to Do When Things Slow Down: Turn Off Sub Data Sheets
2009 December What to Do When Things Slow Down
November Making One Report Act Like Two - Part 2
October Making One Report Act Like Two - Part 1
September Versions - 102
July Versions - 101
June Flashcards 105 - The Menu
May Sorting - Converting Dates to Strings with All on Top
April Calculating Ages
March Flashcards 104
February Flashcards 103
January Flashcards 102
2008 December Building an Application from the Ground Up - Flashcards 101
October Option Groups 103 - Reacting to User Input
September The Select Case Method
August Option Groups 102 - Binding to a Field
July Option Groups 101 - The Basics
June Recovering From Corruption - JetComp
May Re-linking Tables in a Split Database
March Split a Database into Front and Back Ends
February Recovering From Corruption - Rebuild From New File
January Recovering From Corruption - Repair and Compact & Decompile
2007 December Sorting with the Switch Function
October The Switch Function
September How Many Working Days Between Two Dates - Part 5 - Putting it all Together
August How Many Working Days Between Two Dates - Part 4 - Generating a SQL Statement
July How Many Working Days Between Two Dates - Part 3 - Counting Weekdays
June How Many Working Days Between Two Dates - Part 2 - Eliminating Weekends
May How Many Working Days Between Two Dates - Part 1 - Holidays
April Date Math 104 - DateSerial
March Date Math 103 - DateAdd on Steroids
February Date Math 102 - The DateAdd Function
January Date Math 101 - Storage & Retrieval
2006 December Macros -- Training Wheels for VBA coding
November Error Handling 102 -- Murphy was an Optimist
October Error Handling 101 -- Murphy's Law
September Error Handling 102 -- Murphy was an Optimist
August Conversion Functions 101 -- How Long is a Cubit
July Combo Boxes -- How to Process an "Add New" Selection
June Sorting 103 -- Sorting on Steroids
May Sorting 102 -- Intermediate Sorting
April Sorting 101 -- The Basics
March Combo Boxes 105 -- Adding New as a Choice
February Queries – How to Transform a Non-Updating Query to an Updating Query
January Queries – Sometimes you Can Update and Sometimes You Can't
2005 December Combo Boxes 104 -- The Code Behind the Magic
November Combo Boxes 103 -- Finding Records the Easy Way
October Combo Boxes 102 -- Building From Scratch
September Combo Boxes 101 -- A Powerful Tool in a Small Package
August Parameter Queries -- Why Make One Cookie When You Can Make a Batch
July Union Queries -- The Urge to Merge
June What's Really Happening with Queries -- Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
May Shortcuts – How to get from Point A to Point B with the Least Amount of Effort
April Normalization 104 – Dependency: Calculate When Possible
March Switchboards – Make Life Easier by Choosing rather than Searching
February Normalization 103 – The Importance of Eliminating Redundancy or the Case of the Clever Camper
January The Plague of Redundant Mail or How to Avoid Killing Trees and Wasting Money by Eliminating Near Duplicates
2004 December Parsing, or the Art of Pulling Things Apart
November Normalization 102 - Atomicity
October What is a Relation Anyway?
September Normalization 101
August Self Updating Combo Boxes
July Naming Conventions
June Keys Are Critical
May Begin at the Beginning