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Are you looking for an Access Developer or have a need for Custom Access Development?
Have you created an Access Database that doesn't work the way you want?

Do you try to manage data in Excel?

Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Entering data is a pain
  • The data is not consistent
  • The data is not accurate
  • You have multiple copies of the same data in different files
  • Getting information out is difficult or impossible
  • You no longer trust the data in the database

These are all problems that we solve at Custom Software. We're expert Access Developers. We build easy-to-use customized Access Databases that help you work smarter and faster.

As a result, our customers can get data in easily and information out accurately. We build in Access and SQL so you can get to your data using standard Microsoft tools. If you need expert Access Development call us at 978-392-3462.


We develop in

  •   Microsoft Access
  •   SQL Server
  •   Microsoft Visual Basic
  •   Visual Basic for Applications
  •   ERwin
  •   HTML
  •   ASP

Additional Services Include

  •   Database Conversion
  •   Project Management
  •   Training in Access, Excel, Word
  •   Access Developer Training
  •   Excel Applications
  •   Database Mining
  •   Database and Application Troubleshooting

Microsoft Access Trusted Locations


Use this technique to open Access Applications without responding to the Security Warning.

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Because we believe in sharing our expert Access Development techniques, on a monthly basis we publish an Ezine called "The Access Wizard". The Access Wizard is a monthly newsletter that contains tips, tricks and traps for beginning Access users to experienced Access Developers.

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